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Year 2014 Noon Tuesdays - Gallatin City Hall 615.642.5777

Dr. Ming Wang To Highlight
Annual Lions Club Banquet

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Dr. Ming Wang, Harvard and MIT graduate and founder of the Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration in Nashville, will highlight this year’s Gallatin Lions Club annual banquet on Oct. 28.

In addition to telling Lions members about his fascinating life, beginning in Communist China, Dr. Wang will play his Chinese er-hu violin and be accompanied by classical guitarist and composer Carlos Enrique.

The banquet will be held at the Gallatin County Club beginning at 6:30. All Lions Club members are invited.

Dr. Wang is one of the few cataract and Lasik surgeons in the world today and is currently the only surgeon in Tennessee who performs 3D Lasik, 3D Forever Young Lens surgery and 3D laser cataract surgery. In all, he’s performed more than 55,000 procedures, including 4,000 on fellow doctors.

His foundation has helped patients from more than 40 states in the U.S. and 55 countries with sight restoration surgeries. All of them have been performed for free.

Growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution, Wang – a teenager at the time – faced the devastating fate of being deported by the Communist government to the poorest parts of China where he, along with millions of other Chinese youth, would be condemned to a life of poverty and hard labor.

Wang learned to play the Chinese er-hu violin and to dance in a way to avoid deportation. A chance meeting with a visiting American professor helped Wang come to America. So, in 1982, with $50 and a Chinese-English dictionary in his pocket, Wang arrived in the U.S. and began a whole new life.

While in medical school, Wang became a Christian and, since then, his faith has inspired all of his work.

Enrique, a native of San Juan, graduated from Temple University in Pennsylvania. He holds a master’s degree in music and is a composer.


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